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Bolt, Nut & Stud protection in any size, quantity and colour...

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Type RS-SW

BoltRex RS caps are specially made to seal off (no capillar working possible) any bolt, nut and/or stud with or without washer in any circumstances.

It is ideal for anti-corrosion, contamination, vandalisme, personal protection purposes and keeps your nuts, bolts and studs perfectly preserved, even after more then 20 years.

Material is fully UV stabil and we supply any RAL colour needed in any quantity. 3 designs are standard to fit on nuts, bolts or studs in standard and telescopic types in any height. All other type are made to order (fixing on stud, bigger washer sizes etc.)

Common used in on- and off shore business as well as chemical plants, infra-projects etc.

Sizes from M4 (UNC 1/4") up to M90 (UNC 3 1/4") are standard but any other size on request possible! Check out this solution...


All BoltRex parts are supplied worldwide through Juisma Special Parts.

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